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[APD] Planted tank setup for sale

The time has come that I must get rid of my planted tank, as I
am moving out of state and don't want to take it with me.

Here's the specs:

65-gallon X-high glass tank with wood stand and glass top
Eheim Pro canister filter
Eheim heater
Gravel substrate
Large driftwood centerpiece from Aquarium Driftwood
5-pound CO2 tank w/ regulator (empty)
Many extras (air pumps, chemicals, algae scrapers, etc.)

Mature (3-lobe) java fern
Overgrown anubias nana
Some floating hornwort

4 clown loaches
3 SAEs
6 cherry barbs
Some MTS

I'm not going to include my homemade light hood, because
it might be a liability. But you can have the ballasts and bulbs
if you like. The CO2 system was leaking and hasn't
been set up for a few years, but the tank and regulator should
be OK. This system has been zero-maintenence for the last
few years. I clean out the filter and do a water change every
few months, and feed the fish a couple of times per week. 

$200 or best offer takes all. I can deliver and help set it
up. I don't want to part it out, so don't ask me if you can
just buy the CO2 tank or whatever. I'd prefer to move it
this weekend.

Please e-mail me off-list if you are interested.

David Ozenne
Fremont, CA
dozenne at sbcglobal dot net


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