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Re: [APD] looking for cuttings

> some more info about locale that I forgot to add to my request.
> I am in Canada, SW Ontario to be exact.  sorry for the omission!
> Jeff Sheeler


If you're anywhere near the Detroit area - i might urge you to come 
across the boarder and catch one of the local aquarium society 
auctions.  Most of us have them spring and fall.  Greater Detroit 
Aquarium Society's fall auction will be in october this year, i dont 
have a confirmed date - but it will be posted on their website as soon 
as i do. Typical to see around 200 bags of plant cuttings there at 
every auction. We have them in royal oak, just off of i-75, so it'd be 
easy for you to find if you come across the Ambasador bridge.  Check us 
out at www.greaterdetroitaquariumsociety.com

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