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Re: [APD] looking for cuttings

> > some more info about locale that I forgot to add to my request.
> > I am in Canada, SW Ontario to be exact.  sorry for the omission!
> > 
> > Jeff Sheeler
> > 
> Jeff, 
> If you're anywhere near the Detroit area - i might urge you to come 
> across the boarder and catch one of the local aquarium society 
> auctions.  Most of us have them spring and fall.  Greater Detroit 
> Aquarium Society's fall auction will be in october this year, i dont 
> have a confirmed date - but it will be posted on their website as 
> as i do. Typical to see around 200 bags of plant cuttings there at 
> every auction. We have them in royal oak, just off of i-75, so it'd 
> easy for you to find if you come across the Ambasador bridge.  Check 
> out at www.greaterdetroitaquariumsociety.com

PS - if you do decide to come visit one of our auctions, feel free to 
contact me off-list for more detailed information/directions.

-Berne Kairunas
Aquatic Plant Specialist
Choice Aquariums Sales Team

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