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Re: [APD] pmdd application

Bristlenose plecos are indeed the most effective fish I
have come across for removing certain kinds of alage for
leaves, driftwood, and other surfaces. They won't really
have much impact on the alagae that SAEs are sometimes good
for, the fine-"leaf" stringy stuff.

Otos are great if you have about 3to 5 per gallon; less
than that, and a few minutes tidying up by hand does more
than the otos do in a week.

One must be careful with the bristlenose plecos if you are
going to have more than one in the same tank. If you have
both sexes present, they breed rather easily and if their
numbers increase beyond more than just a few per 30 gallons
or so, their effect on plants passes well beyond
inconsequential. At which point, one must either learn to
enjoy abraded and holey plants or find a way to curb the
numbers of bristlenose by, net, trap, or predator.

Scott H.
--- Mike Smith <chainsawmike at msn_com> wrote:

>. . . Another
> fish you might consider trying is the Bristlenose Pleco.
> I have had wonderful success with these guys as well. One
> thing to consider is that all these fish have worked in
> teams of three or more. Perhaps they are wary of really
> getting into the grazing Zone without some others around
> to make them feel comfortable. . . .

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