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[APD] pmdd application

           My first concern is why you must disparage a wonderful fish like the Siamese Algae Eater. These fish are quite simply some of the greatest additions to a tank you can make for the control of algae. In fact, apart from ottos, which are in my opinion absolutely essential in any planted tank, ( especially those tanks containing Anubias ) the Siamese algae eater is one of the first fish to go in my planted tanks. I do not wish to seem an authority on the subject, but I will say that I have seen some amazing things occur, sometimes overnight, ( sometimes in a matter of hours ) when these fish have been added to a tank plagued, PLAGUED with algae. Another fish you might consider trying is the Bristlenose Pleco. I have had wonderful success with these guys as well. One thing to consider is that all these fish have worked in teams of three or more. Perhaps they are wary of really getting into the grazing Zone without some others around to make them feel comfortable. The m!
 ost likely reason your SAE is functioning sub par is because it is not an SAE. The SAE is easily confused with the Flying Fox and many undiscriminating LFS will sell the flying fox as an SAE through ignorance or in an attempt to get rid of all these GD flying foxes that keep coming in everytime we try to get some true SAE. Another distinct possibility is that you are feeding too much. An SAE who has flakes etc. bouncing off his nose constantly is less likely to put in the long hours and effort it takes to gnaw that algae off everything. All that food raining down is like winning the lottery, the SAE quits his job.

 Hope this helps, and stop saying mean things about your fish!

PS. In a ten gallon tank such as yours, a small handful of ottos, say 4, would be delighted to eradicate that brown algae all over your glass.

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