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[APD] Need help with PMDD application


I'm trying to achieve better plant growth in my 10
gallon tank by using the PMDD formula described by
Sears and Collins. So far I haven't had any luck and I
was wondering if any of you could give me some advice
on what I'm doing wrong.

A little info on my tank
10 gallon
10 harlequinn rasboras
1 Silver Molly
1 Threadfin rainbow
1 black ghost knife fish (that doesn't eat anything)
1 adult siamese algae eater that doesn't seem to live
up to its name as an alage eater.

watesprite, chainsword, java fern, dwarf hairgrass
(slowly dying), brazilian pennywort, and banana plants

No CO2 injection. Did that once and it was too much

Temperature around 80 degrees F

I've separated the PMDD components into separate
bottles. Since my nitrate in the tank was
non-existent, I started added KNO3 first. Everyday, I
would put around 2-4 drops. After week, the nitrate
remained the same so I started increasing the dosage
of KNO3 and the nitrate readings would still stay the
same. No matter how much I put in there the nitrate
wouldn't change. I used Aquarium Pharm nitrate test
kit. The test kit seems to be correct. If I just test
the KNO3 solution by itself, it gives a reading of
40ppm. So I don't know what's going on in that tank.
Are the plants sucking up the nitrates faster than I
can give it or are the bacteria in my filter
converting them? I also started to put a few drops of
the other PMDD components into the tank. And so far
all I've been getting is some hair algae growing on
the plants and a brown film growing on the walls of
aquarium. Some kind of bacteria or algae I guess. And
the only plants that did had some growth were the
chainsword and water sprite. Everyone else is slowly

I just can't understand that with tank this small and
with so much fish, why would the nitrate be close to

You guys got any ideas.



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