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[APD] Safety Opinion Re Certain make and model of UV Lamps

I'm only giving an opinion here based on my observation of
4 of the CustomSeaLife DoubleHelix UV units but I believe
this is serious enough to warrant comment. I have seen each
of the 4 fail in the same way that I believe may  present
safety hazard.

These units, as manufactured and sold, have kind of grease
inside the black plastic canister that makes up the main
body that houses the helical tubing , the UV bulb, the
bulb-socket and the attached power wiring. I can only guess
but I believe the grease was applied to seal the slip joint
fitting of the canister end caps so that UV light would not

In each unit the grease eventually spread out over interior
surfaces, corroded the wiring, socket, and lamp base,
caused the lamp to fail to light, and created a partial
combustion or electrical arcing/sparking that left a soot
lining inside the plastic canister. Having been operated on
GFCI circuits, the GFCI tripped in each case, indicating
that an electrical short-circuit occurred within the
canister prior to or at the time of failure.

I don't know, but possibly the tripping of the GFCI
prevented more vigorous combustion. But in any event, I
believe these were active failures.

The first time I was acquainted with this situation, I
suspected that somehow water had gotten into the unit and
caused the problem. But after inspecting that and 3 other 
failed units and finding no evidence of water present and
no evidence of water leakage into or onto the units, I do
not believe water caused the failures. Under there normal
operation they appear to me to be subject to corrosion,
electrical shorting and, it appears, combustion.

As I said, I'm basing these comments only on a small sample
of units, although I would expect the odds of 4 out of 4
failing -- and failing in the same way -- to be very low
unless there was an inherent propensity to failure in the

My recommendation, if you have one of these units in
service is to unplug the unit and remove it from service.

Just offering opinion,
Scott H.

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