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[APD] Re: Fertilizer Dosing Pump

About 4 or 5 years ago I picked up a used but working hospital IV pump for,
IIRC, $35 on ebay.  It's a perstaltic pump, includes a backup battery, power
alarm, and adjustable from 1 to 300 ml/hr.  Its about the size of a shoe
box, and very solidly build, being some kind of cast metal and metal plate,
and with a beafy cord.  It can be set to run continuous, or dose a certain
volume and stop.  The only thing I had to was disable the flow sensor (a
jumper on the main board) since I didn't have the medical tubing with the
sensor window thingy.  Its still going strong with simple silicone air

>Yeah at $59 this is becoming a new "gotta have" gadget.
>> Well, this thread finally led to abargain much better than
>> I first suspected it would. :-)
>> sh

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