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[APD] re: how long can plants go unplanted

I've had lots of plants that I had left unplanted.As long as their in water no real harm should come to them.My crypts(bronze type) were left floating around , mangled in the hornwort.Boy that stuff just keeps growing! 
Yes-mine were "deformed" as well but once planted,they uprighted themselves within 2 weeks or so.They were floating for about 3 months.I got lazy.I admit it.
My water wisteria is another thing-they got all curly on me.Still waiting for them to straighten out.Very small pieces they are.Almost lost them due to weak lighting in my Eclipse 6.Transplanted what was left (3 inch stubs) to my 30 gallon long.It has 120 watts with Eco-Complete substrate.

Jeff Scarsdale 

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