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RE: [APD] Re: Fertilizer Dosing Pump

I was looking at buying the apt pumps to dose macros and micros seperately.
I especially liked their size.

When I added up the cost of two pumps, two digital timers and shipping it
made more sense to go with the Aqua Medic Twin Reefdoser.  Of course the
Reefdoser is made here in Europe while the apt pumps are made in the US so
not sure how a price comparison would fare in the US.

The only fault the Reefdoser has is that it has no integrated battery backup
and it does not turn itself back on after a power failure.

Other than that I like it.  One control unit to control the two pumps (can
be increased to four pumps if you want).  One pump doses the macros 6x a day
from an RO solution in a "sump" aquarium in the stand simultaneously with
top off water (open top aquarium).  The other pump doses the micros once a


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Exactly which model(s) did you purchase and why? I have been considering the


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> Paul Byham wrote:
> >Does anyone know of a battery operated fertilizer dosing pump other 
> >than
> the one made by Eheim?
> >
> >Paul
> Go to this website: www.aptinstruments.com
> APT Instruments sells low volume delivery peristaltic dosing 
> pumps. You can get a pump that will deliver as little as 2-3 
> ml of liquid ferts over a period of 10-15 minutes. I wanted 
> to automate TMG delivery to a 30 gallon planted tank, but the 
> dosage was so small I did it manually until I came across 
> this company.
> I bought two of the SP100 series, one for a 240 gallon plated 
> tank and one for the 30 I mentioned above. The pump will 
> deliver different volumes per minute depending on the 
> cycles/minute of the pump and the ID of the tubing you 
> select. Worth every penny, and very affordable compared to 
> other peristaltic pumps on the market. Use a digital timer 
> with it and run the pump the number of minutes necessary to 
> deliver the volume of ferts you need.
> I'm very happy with mine.
> Regards,
> Dave
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