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[APD] Re: Fertilizer Dosing Pump

Paul Byham wrote:

>Does anyone know of a battery operated fertilizer dosing pump other than
the one made by Eheim?

Go to this website: www.aptinstruments.com

APT Instruments sells low volume delivery peristaltic dosing pumps. You can
get a pump that will deliver as little as 2-3 ml of liquid ferts over a
period of 10-15 minutes. I wanted to automate TMG delivery to a 30 gallon
planted tank, but the dosage was so small I did it manually until I came
across this company.

I bought two of the SP100 series, one for a 240 gallon plated tank and one
for the 30 I mentioned above. The pump will deliver different volumes per
minute depending on the cycles/minute of the pump and the ID of the tubing
you select. Worth every penny, and very affordable compared to other
peristaltic pumps on the market. Use a digital timer with it and run the
pump the number of minutes necessary to deliver the volume of ferts you

I'm very happy with mine.


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