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Re: [APD] RE: high NO3

Hi Tom,

Thanks again for taking time to look things over for me. My tank is looking a bit better tonight, being back on the regular fertilization routine. I will increase the amount of KNO3 to feed these hungry new plants and encourage the slow growing plants. When I do another water change this weekend, I will do the deep substrate cleaning, too. Yes, the total biomass increased suddenly with the explosive growth of these new plants that I was not familiar with and they really threw me off. I should have followed my instinct, but I got impatient. Testing for NO3 sent me into a series of panicky actions which made the situation worse. I totally agree that plants always let me know when they need something. Sometimes I am right on it, but sometimes I can get a bit thick, I guess... The next time I feel the need to test, I won't reach for a hobby grade test kit, but I will take it to my work and get it analyzed with a spectrophotometer ;) Ha ha, just kidding. I will listen to my plants instead.


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