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[APD] RE: helping new folks and books

> Probably stupid to say this ...  but any inferred hostility in my last 
> post is completely directed at the stress and confusion of the beginning 
> of my learning curve.  
> -derek
> Derek Parr wrote:
> > Thomas Barr wrote:
> >> Ricky is right, if you need information, it's available to you.

Then direct that hostility in a positive way and help new folks and others.
 You can derive powerful motivation from negative things if you chose the
positive path.
When you see someone frustrated, help. You will both feel better. A pretty
simple psychological test. Repeat it and see. It does work and is a
worthwhile investment.   

Most plant forums and list all discuss adding PO4 these days. Something
folks never thought would ever be common place a decade ago along with
higher traces, CO2, K+, NO3, lighting. 

As did I compared to those before me...........the way you pay back those
folks is by helping others in this hobby or whatever it is that you do in
life. Help the poor newbie, help the sick planted tanks, fight for plant
justice and the planted tanks shall inherit the earth.

Tom Barr  

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