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Re: [APD] LFS books

OHHHHH. So it was *that* kind of fish store, was it?  ;-)

--- Phil Edwards <biotypical at hotmail_com> wrote:

> "My caveat is about Kasselmann's new 'Planted Aquariums'.
>. . .  This may sound callous, but Ecology of the Planted
> Aquarium is about the 
> worst book for an LFS.  Diana's a friend, I like her
> book, and have a copy 
> of it myself, but would never carry it in a store for one
> reason.  It does 
> nothing for sales.  It's one thing for a store employee
> to help customers 
> with the most efficient hardware setup.  Its another to
> recommend doing away 
> with the hardware all together. . . .

A little over 1 month to go. The deadline for submissions to the AGA Aquascaping contest is September 15. What are you waiting for?

Entries are only $5 and for that half a sawbuck you can have your AGA entry automatically entered in the ADA (Aqua Design Amano) contest for free, a savings in time and shipping costs!

Share the fun; show your work.
The AGA's 6th Annual International Aquascaping Contest is open.

Check it out at: 
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