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Re: [APD] If you could tell your LFS....

I'd probably drop the last two -- too out of date & too
many errors; add Tropica's or The Aquarium Plant Handbook
from Oriental Aquarium.

And then add something good on the basics like Ben Bolton's
"The Basics," although I'm not sure about the availability
yet -- the AGA was giving it away at the ACA convention in

good luck, good fun,
Scott H.
--- Berne Kairunas <berne at choiceaquariums_com> wrote:

> Hi fellow APd-er's..
> I was having a discussion with one of my co-workers the
> other day over 
> what plants books are worth merit, and we were tossing
> around 
> the "Ultimate LFS Plant Book" selection.  I would like to
> pose a 
> partial list to you folks, and get some input on what
> ya'll would feel 
> would compramise a good list of books that you would love
> to see at 
> your LFS.  Here's what we have so far.
> Aquarium Plants - Kasselman
> Planted Aquariums: Creation and Maintence - Kasselman
> Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants - Hiscock
> Nature Aquarium World (1, 2 & 3) - Amano
> Aquarium Plants: Their Identification, Cultivation and
> Ecology - Rataj
> Aquarium Plants - Teapot 
> These are in no peticular order of importance or anything
> - just good 
> books we feel should be seen.  If anyone would like to
> add to this 
> list, i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks folks!

A little over 1 month to go. The deadline for submissions to the AGA Aquascaping contest is September 15. What are you waiting for?

Entries are only $5 and for that half a sawbuck you can have your AGA entry automatically entered in the ADA (Aqua Design Amano) contest for free, a savings in time and shipping costs!

Share the fun; show your work.
The AGA's 6th Annual International Aquascaping Contest is open.

Check it out at: 
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