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Re: [APD] Phosphates too much? any alternative answers to reducin g the problem.

Maybe we're talking in circles but I think you entirely
missed the point, which was that once the chloramine bond
is broken, one is left with the chlorine on the one hand
and the ammonia on the other. Some products that break the
chloramine simply leave things at that -- Some of the older
chlorine treatments state that they also break the
chloramine bond -- good for them, but not a comeplete job.
Some bind the ammonia.

Using Prime solely to control ammonia levels from sources
other than the chloramine that it "breaks up" is another

The point is that Prime won't increase harmful ammonia
levels when it breaks up the chloramine.


--- Liz Wilhite <satirica at gmail_com> wrote:

> . . . Prime sequesters nitrites and
> nitrates but according to 
> the label you use 5 times the normal dosage to do so at
> meaningful 
> concentrations. How many mature tanks with high levels of
> plants contain 
> either of those anions unless they are added to the tank?

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