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[APD] Phosphates too much? any alternative answers to

i used to use prime but dont anymore after i took a pool maintenance
course and found that the concentration of chlorine in our tapwater
(bc canada) is way too low to hurt any but the most sensitive fish and
that it only works to get rid of bacteria when it is constantly added
to the water.
when chlorine containing water is exposed to air and mixed a bit most
of it is removed from the water, you can tell this by smelling your
water as you pour it, if you get the slightest chloine smell then its
come out of the water and into the air,
my instructor informed me that in order for chlorine to be able to
kill fish with a short exposure time the water would need enough that
it would make us especially small childeren sick to drink the stuff.
i even clean my filters with tap water now, i clean them than measure
the ammonia after for the next few days and was at 0 with 3 large
piranha in a 20gal that produce tonnes of ammonia the bacteria in the
filter must still be alive or seed so fast that its not noticible.
this could be different if your water uses chloramines or if you
really do have a very high concentration of chlorine or even if your
water has other chemicals in it, im just going by my local water and
what i know about it.

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