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Re: [APD] Phosphates too much? any alternative answers to reducin g the problem.

One can detect the odor of sulphur when one opens the
bottle. It is harmless if not attractive.

An intersting thread is this:


Dr. Morin has posted several times in resonse to comments
and questions about Prime. An example of such a thread is

and this:


and this:



One of the great things about SeaChem, besides it's great
support for the hobby, is its responsiveness to this list.

Scott H.

--- Liz Wilhite <satirica at gmail_com> wrote:

> On 8/11/05, S. Hieber <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote:
> Some of the additives that "break the chloramine" bond
> leave chlorine and ammonia in the water -- thanks a lot
> overhyped additive. But SeaChem's Prime breaks the bond
> and
> then, besides binding or rendering harmless other
> chemicals
> in the water, binds the ammonia in a form that the plants
> can still use but that won't hurt the fish and isn't
> readily available to algae.
>  SeaChem's Prime has an odor that is very offensive and
> detectable at very 
> low levels by some people -- I'm one of them. I'm curious
> what benefit it 
> has -- with respect to chloramines -- compared to
> Kordon's Amquel. Kordon 
> states it removes chlorine and binds ammonia in a
> non-toxic form. Have 
> people gotten results that seem contrary to this claim?

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