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Re: [APD] Phosphates too much? any alternative answers to reducin g the problem.

On 8/11/05, S. Hieber <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote:

Some of the additives that "break the chloramine" bond
leave chlorine and ammonia in the water -- thanks a lot
overhyped additive. But SeaChem's Prime breaks the bond and
then, besides binding or rendering harmless other chemicals
in the water, binds the ammonia in a form that the plants
can still use but that won't hurt the fish and isn't
readily available to algae.
 SeaChem's Prime has an odor that is very offensive and detectable at very 
low levels by some people -- I'm one of them. I'm curious what benefit it 
has -- with respect to chloramines -- compared to Kordon's Amquel. Kordon 
states it removes chlorine and binds ammonia in a non-toxic form. Have 
people gotten results that seem contrary to this claim?
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