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[APD] Re: Phosphates too much?

Just a quick note to add to the phosphate discussion.  If you are using a PH buffer product, usually to keep a neutral PH, most of them contain phosphates if you read the fine print.  Something to keep an eye on if you're getting sudden increases in phosphates from tap to sink and you treat the water (chlorine remover, PH buffer etc.) as you put it in your tank.  I personally just dump it directly in using a gravel cleaning tool (just reverse the flow) and with 50%+ water changes I haven't seen a problem, even with PH differences between my tank (6.6-6.8) and the tap 7.4 and whatever chlorine is in the tap water.  That of course depends on just how extreme your tap water is but in the long run it pays to test it out to see if you can avoid adding chemicals every time you change the water.

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