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Re: [APD] How long does your CO2 last ?

Have you considered the economics of buying or renting an industrial size
bottle and piping the CO2 into your aquarium from outside.   Larger CO2
tanks may be less expensive to operate in the long term as long as you don't
get any leaks.


On 11/8/05 9:12 PM, "Phillip Grobler" <pfgrobler at gmail_com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Could any one give me a rough idea as to how much CO2 they are using.
> How long should a 2kg bottle last on a 100g tank, with little surface
> movement, canister filter, closed canopy and  moderate to high
> lighting ?
> I'm  need to decide between a 2KG and a 5 kg bottle, but the 5 kg
> bottle will not fit upright
> under my tank So I'd prefer the 2kg if it will at least last a decent
> amount of time.

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