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Re: [APD] Re: Lights for new tanks

 I would love to see some pics if you can find 'em.


Kevin Simms
Corpus Christi, TX

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> At 09:02 7/8/2005, Terry Barber  wrote:
> >  I am looking at AH supply for the light kits - but I need something to
> > put it in.
> I use a U-shaped plastic tray made of black plastic.   A local plastics
> store (TAP Plastics) cuts and bends it for me and fabricates the ends.  I
> can send you the height to use for AH Supply lights.  Took me a couple of
> tries to get it right.   You mount the lights by drilling and tapping
> plastic blocks, then gluing them to the inside of the hood.  Machine
> then hold the lights to the blocks.  Same for mounting the ballast.
> if you have more questions.   I thought I had a lot of digital pics on how
> to do this somewhere, but I can't find them.
> If you need a detailed written description ask me.   I will put it on my
> list of things to do.
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