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[APD] Terracing

I am moving in a couple of weeks, and am going to amalgamate my 29 gal and
35 gal planted tanks into a 55 gal.  With this tank, I'd like to have some
deeper substrate in the back and corners for swords and crypts, and would
like to use some sort of partition so the substrate doesn't gradually even
out over time.
My original thought was to use some PVC edging, like they use for gardens -
with the tube-shaped bottom, under the dirt, and the flat, black edging
sticking out of that, which separates the lawn from the dirt.  Is that clear
at all?

I'd like to have the overall substrate level around 2-4", with a few
sections that are up to 8".
My worry is that these PVC edging materials may leach into the aquarium,
killing the plants and fish.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  Is
there a certain type/brand I should look for?


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