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RE: [APD] Phosphates too much? any alternative answers to reducin g the problem.


I had very high Phosphates as well in my tank, the test kit went to full colour (5ppm) in <10 seconds not the 2 minutes stated. I now use D&D RowaPhos Phosphate remover in one of their fluid bed reactors. It got rid of the phosphate in a day and really stunted the growth of the blue-green stringy algae. 
I still get the light green stringy algae but that is from my (still  too high) nitrate level.
There are other equivalent products for Rowaphos from other vendors as well but I have no experience with those.


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I have a Hagen test kit which says under 1 ppm is ok (as far as I can 
recall) and the test measurement should be taken after 2 minutes of 
reaction and it has a high level of 5ppm.

I'm getting a high reading of Phosphate in my water. When I test my 
water I get more than 5ppm in just 30 seconds which to me indicates a 

My fish tank is suffering from algae which sticks on the glass and also 
makes the water a slight green / yellow colour.

My question is simple but I can't find many alternatives,  how do I 
reduce the phosphate?

I've got lots of live plants, I've tried underfeeding my fish for a 
week, I've tried replacing water very regularly (more than 90% for a 
couple of weeks/water changes) - my tap water by the way has 0.5ppm 
Phosphate after a reaction time of 2 minutes.

_Are there any alternatives? _

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