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Re: [APD] Phosphates too much? any alternative answers to reducing theproblem.


I have high phosphates in my tank with no observable ill effects. There was a discussion on this some time ago, you might want to check out the archive. I would just do some water changes.


I'm getting a high reading of Phosphate in my water. When I test my water I get more than 5ppm in just 30 seconds which to me indicates a problem.

My fish tank is suffering from algae which sticks on the glass and also makes the water a slight green / yellow colour.

My question is simple but I can't find many alternatives, how do I reduce the phosphate?

I've got lots of live plants, I've tried underfeeding my fish for a week, I've tried replacing water very regularly (more than 90% for a couple of weeks/water changes) - my tap water by the way has 0.5ppm Phosphate after a reaction time of 2 minutes.

_Are there any alternatives? _


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