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[APD] RE: Crumpled water lily leaves

>My water lily had been growing crumpled leaves for the past 3 weeks. It look s really ugly now. What caused this? 
>It had been growing on the same spot for the past 2 years. Last year, it flowered like mad. It put out 1 flower every week. Is it possible that its roots are too >"crowded" together? Should I uproot the plant and trim its roots to keep it "young". 

Could be a nutrient deficiency. Sounds like Calcium (or even boron) but I've had Potassium cause a similar effect.  Different plants show it earlier than others for different nutrients, so the fact other plants look fine doesn't mean you're ok.  If you don't do many water changes (or it's a pond and you don't to any) you could do a change or put in some tap water (if it's hard) into your pond to see if that helps.  Sea shells also work.


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