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[APD] Re: New Kasselmann book

Since you don't see the forest through your own wallet let me spell it out
for you. Could it be that you piggybacked on another vendors post, not even coming up
with an original one of you own? <<

So let me get this straight Nathan, after reading continued SPAMS by another vendor that were two pages long, it offends you that I added my own two cents in a one sentence post as a reply to that vendors post instead of writing up a long winded SPAM of my own? If I had re worded it to read politely, to "all who are interested this is what I am offering" that would have been acceptable to you? My little sentence of less than ten words warranted this indignation, snide comments, personal attacks and innuendo? Thank you for the lesson Nathan. I will certainly bare that in mind. You know sometimes people react to things like this based on pre concieved notions they already have. Again, I apologize to you and to Tony who I greatly respect. You have always shown a lot of class, and I respect your opinion, whether you respect mine or not. Too bad I can not share the comments that were emailed to me, I think you would be surprised.

Robert Hudson

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