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[APD] Re: Kasselmann's book

At 08:26 8/2/2005, James Purchase wrote:
she also has a book devoted to Echinodorus (so far, only available
in German) that I would give my eye-teeth for in English. If anyone has any
contact with Christel, please encourage her to have it translated

I have had some contact with her. What is needed is somebody to stand up and buy the 2500 copy press run at $20 per book. When that happens, the book will happen. Not before. You could maybe run only 1000 copies, but the total costs would not decrease much (maybe $50K --> $48K).

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco NE5EE gomberg1 at wcf dot com
http://www.wcf.com/apbook for Kasselmann's "Aquarium Plants" book SPECIAL

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