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Re: [APD] Re: Kasselmann's Book

Me too. If only eye teeth could pay for the translating and
printing costs :-)

Aquatic plant folks, numerous as we are and growing, still
constitute a very small market, which I imagine makes it
hard recover production costs.


--- JAMES PURCHASE <jppurchase at rogers_com> wrote:

> To: Anyone who cares to read...
> I've ordered Kasselmann's new book, and am looking
> forward to reading it. 
> However, she also has a book devoted to Echinodorus (so
> far, only available 
> in German) that I would give my eye-teeth for in English.
> If anyone has any 
> contact with Christel, please encourage her to have it
> translated into 
> English (Karen, are your online?)

A little over 1 month to go. The deadline for submissions to the AGA Aquascaping contest is September 15. What are you waiting for?

Entries are only $5 and for that half a sawbuck you can have your AGA entry automatically entered in the ADA (Aqua Design Amano) contest for free, a savings in time and shipping costs!

Share the fun; show your work.
The AGA's 6th Annual International Aquascaping Contest is open.

Check it out at: 
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