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[APD] Re:New Kasselmann book

Obviously my post offended some people. I am still not sure why. I sold over 200 copies of the first Kasselmann book to people in THIS forum. 50 of them went to group of AGA people in Singapore. I have been posting here for almost six years now. After reading several SPAMs on the book in the last two weeks, I thought I had just as much reason to let those people who bought the book from me previously know that this new book is available from me as well. I do not understand why anyone who does not have an axe to grind would object to that, but I apologize.

So buy the book from The Fish Book Store, or from me, or Amazon, or any one else on the net you choose. If anyone knows of anyone else who is selling the book, post it. Let everybody know. Make it an even playing field for everyone. I am sure someone out there will sell it cheaper than me.

Robert Hudson

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