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[APD] RE: ich dormancy

Liz, poor conditions with us,fish, plants etc with any organism for the
most part invites disease.

"Hogwash...." Really?

Since I've had ich in it's dormant stages for over 15 years.........where
are my outbreaks?
If we assume that it is actually dormant here for a minute.........just
assume your notion is correct........

I have not used meds nor bought any (other than EM for BGA test, but
nothing for fish) during this time.
I've never once lost a fish a fish due to disease since fully planting the
tanks. I've also only seen ich for a few days when the incoming fish had
some. I've never once had an outbreak, nor a client in existing
livestock.I've also added numerous new stockings of fish, often from un
quarantined conditions, lakes, rivers, mud puddles, wholesalers, LFS,
fellow hobbyist etc.

Maybe I'm just real, real lucky? Those odds are extremely low.
Many other folks have reported the same observations with fully planted
tanks over long time periods.

I suppose we could say the same about algae spores in my tank also?
Again, where are the observations that poor environmental are not the
I'm just not seeing it, nor anything other than inverse correlation for
ich, algae, plant health etc 

Tom Barr

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