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RE: [APD] Ich and planted tanks

It is almost always present at some levels in aquariums.  The fish's
immunity system can handle low levels.  That is why ich outbreaks are a
sure sign of poor tank conditions.


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> On 8/1/05, Thomas Barr <tcbiii at yahoo_com> wrote: 
> > 
> > Ich is controlled by public aquariums by raising the temp 
> to about 90F.
> > I've never had a ich issue in a planted tank, I've even added fish 
> > that had ich only to watch it disappear a week or so later 
> of being in 
> > good conditions........
>  Then, according to research, you likely still had ich in the 
> tank but it wasn't visible on your fish. The parasite was 
> most likely on the gills of the fish and unseen. I have read 
> a heckuva lot of research since finding ich on a few fish. 
> The outbreak didn't make sense since it ocurred more than 4 
> months after the last fish had been added. According to 
> biologists who have done controlled studies of ich, the 
> parasite can exist in low levels infecting the gills of fish 
> for extended periods of time. There is no "dormant" stage in 
> which it exists without a fish host. The parasites appear to 
> much more common than is realized. It is also not clear why 
> populations of ich can suddenly explode. In the hobby it is 
> common to blame the hobbyist
> -- fish stress from hobbyists errors or neglect. That's 
> likely hogwash, too. 
> It is true that ich outbreaks are much more commonly found in 
> tanks with poor water quality, but outbreaks can happen in 
> tanks with ideal water quality, too.
>  Liz
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