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[APD] Re: Controlling Ich

<< The recommendation to raise the temperature does little good. I put it in
the class of aquarium myth because, though it does speed the life cycle of
the ich parasite, it also decreases oxygen levels in the tank. If the fish's
gills are loaded with ich parasites, decreasing oxygen may kill them when a
longer cycle of infection won't.>>

I respectfully disagree.  On the two occasions in the last 10 or 15 years in
which a tank of mine has been infected with the little white buggers,
raising the temperature to 93 to 95 for a few days has eliminated the
problem, without using chemicals, and with no animal or plant losses.

The fish and plants were in good shape to begin with and the tanks were not
overstocked.  Perhaps in a more stressed environment another approach would
be better.

Raising the temperature to control ich has been recommended in aquarium
literature for at least 70 years.


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