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Re: [APD] glass lid

$55? Oy! 

Think "glass cutter" and get the 30x12. Or ask what the
local glass shop or auto-glass store what they would charge
to cut it for you. But really, $55 for a littel piece of
glass like that? It should only be a few bucks for 1/8" or
3/16" glass. It doesn't need to be tempered or heat
resistant boro-silicate glass, just ordinary glass.

Scott H
--- James H <spreerider at gmail_com> wrote:

> hi, im looking for a glass lid for 2 of my aquariums,
> both need a lid
> that measures 29X12 and all i can find are lids for 30X12
> does anyone
> know where i can find a lid for these tanks.  local glass
> companies
> are out of the question as they tried to charge me 55$
> for glass to
> fit my 5.5g!

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