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Re: [APD] Re:Play sand, Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 23, Issue 27

--- Scott Scheibe <dsscheibe at earthlink_net> wrote:

>. . . I don't have an
> UGF so do I need to 
> worry about compacting sand?  As long as the Dwarf
> Subulata roots in it, 
> and I'm sure will do better than the gravel, keeps coming
> un planted.  The 
> sword plant has roots coming out of the planter which is
> pretty good sized.

You don't need a ugf for compaction and anerobic bacteria
to develop is large amounts in the substrate. Lots of plant
roots can keep the substrate loose but it will be harder
with finer material. If I used very fine sand, I'd use a
thinner layer than if I used, for example, Flourite. Maybe
1"-2" instead of 3"-6".


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