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[APD] plants for "dwarf" Mbuna cichlids

Hello, I'm new to this sight & seem to be confused.Wasn't able find a discussion group or even a place where I could find posts from other members.
I am looking for types of plants that can be used in a Mbuna cichlid tank.I am aware that most of these species are from a rocky enviroment.However,I have read that some have vegitation.
Cichlid type:Demasoni    
tank size: 30 long
lighting: 3 @ 48"  flour.   1  Coralife 50/50      2 Coralife Nutrigro  total  of 120 watts
substrate: Ecocomplete @ 2" depth
filters: Emperor 280 - Whisper 30 - Merlin + 60 fluidized bed filter
Miscellanious: 2 large pieces of Malasian driftwood  1 @ 25" x 4" tall- 1 @ 5" x 13" tall
rocks for cave structures
plants: 1- amazon swordplant(small) - hornwort(growing all over floating)  -  4-cryptocorine ?bronze? - java moss - and a partridge in a pear tree.
I plan on replanting the crypts into another tank; my question is what types of plants I can add that they can nibble on along with their regular diet as with plants they will leave alone.
My PH is 7.8  hardness is unknown other than being alkiline.
any help is useful at this point before I  bought any new plants. Thick leaf type usually are good like annubias but not for certain if compatable or toxic.
sorry for writing such a long post- 

Jeff Scarsdale 

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