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Re: [APD] glass lid

At 01:03 PM 7/26/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>hi, im looking for a glass lid for 2 of my aquariums, both need a lid
>that measures 29X12 and all i can find are lids for 30X12 does anyone
>know where i can find a lid for these tanks.  local glass companies
>are out of the question as they tried to charge me 55$ for glass to
>fit my 5.5g!


The best place to get glass for aquarium use is from places that recycle
it. The local dump, home building recycling centers and that sort of thing
and what you want to find. Sometimes you get it free, other times you
have to pay. I usually pay aorund five cents a square foot and have
a barnfull of it. I collect glass like other people collect beanie

Don't use the thin stuff for lids, ever.

Glass cutters are cheap, renew them often if you don't spring for the
fancy $50 ones.

Always hold glass by the top, not the side when you carry it. If it
falls it doesn't slice your fingers off on the way down.

Make sure you have band aids ans antibiotics cream.

Beg, borrow or steal a glass grinder (check stained glass supply
stores) to tak the sharp edges off. Or use a hand corborundum stone
from a hardware store tool sharpening section.


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