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Re: [APD] Re: replacing existing gravel

Sand used for swimming pool filters is Calcium free. In Bangalore one local swimming pool supplier supplies in smaller quantities. Some of the aquarists complain that the particles are too sharp, probably its crushed quartz. Sea sand has pleasant rounded edges, but we have to remove the shell bits.

Used up HCL will not be very corrosive. I just flush it down
the toilet. The sewage system is designed to handle acidic
content. My place uses ceramic pipes but all new houses
have plastic pipes. Cement pipes will get eroded by acid.

I think we can use chalk to neutralize HCL acid.

Bangalore, India.

At 25/07/05, you wrote:
The easiest to find HCL (muriatic acid) is swimming pool acid, which comes in one gallon plastic jugs. That is what I would use if I wanted to do this, but working with that acid is a real pain. Also, taking a breath of the fumes is extremely hazardous. Disposing of the used acid is also a problem, since it isn't supposed to be just dumped anywhere, and it will kill grass if you dump it on your yard. Our environmental regulations say we have to take it to a hazardous material dump to discard it. So, why not just buy quartz sand sold very cheaply as masonry sand by places like Home Depot? No acid should be needed then, because carbonates are not supposed to be in sand used to make concrete, and the sand is certified as free of carbonates. (If I am wrong about this, I hope someone corrects me.)

Vaughn H.

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