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Re: [APD] Aquarium as Seismometer

I remember a conversation on the radio with a famous Calfornian ham radio author Bill Orr. He was describing how 2 feet of water sloshed off his swimming pool during an earthquake.

I am sure list members from California have some stories to tell. How
do you all secure your aquariums?

Bangalore, India.

At 26/07/05, you wrote:
About 9:8. a little less than an hour ago, I decided that the beer I was
imbibing was very strong as my head began to spin a bit and I felt a tad
disoriented. Water sloshed in the aquarium. My husband, a geologist, was
sitting 6 feet from me and didn't feel a thing but did see the water. That
set us out to the internet looking for the earthquake and we found the info
on the quake near Dillon, MT. We are in Spokane, WA.
 So how do you folks in earthquake land secure your aquariums? And does this
sort of thing cause weakening of tank seams and walls?

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