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[APD] Re: 8800K PC Lamps Are Great!

SH: "Glad you like your bulbs. Don't forget the brightest curve for fluorescents. The light output rapidly declines initially and then more slowly as they age. Brand new bulbs always look brighter than older ones. But the diff noticeably lessens after a short time.

True colors compared to incandescent lighting is one thing; compared to noonday sunlight is another; compared to one or another (type of) fluorescent is pretty much a wild card, depending on the individual bulb design.

Try also the Aquasuns, rated 10,000 but an overall visible light blend very similar to sunlight."

Yup, just a few days later, they are noticeably less bright. Either that or the water is aging. I like them now even more. I think the eye attempts to auto white-balance when it can, so colors can look different depending on the surroundings. But what I meant was that there is now much less of a yellow tint to things. Are the Aquasuns available in 96W PC? In any case, that will have to wait until the next relamp.


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