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Re: [APD] PUR-efficiencies

Detlef asked:
Where did you get it from and who did the measurements?

I calculate them myself with a home-made Java-application. I input the spectrum as a black and white jpg, the lumens, the watt and the range, and out comes the PUR-efficiency. I've been thinking of making it a servlet on my blog, but it requires that the spectrum is completely black and white and it's actually more difficult than one might think to make it so 8) I will have to make a spectrum-editing-tutorial if so.

The measurements are from email-correspondance with manufacturers
or their online data. Some manufacturers data seems very off, like
the AB Aqualine lumen-values and the spectrum changes over time,
but I take the values more of a hint of a bulbs performance. I know
that if I calculate a bulb to have 0.2 in PUR-efficiency it will be very
bad. Around 0.5 a shrug and over 0.8 really good.

Most often I choose the light I like. Aquarelle/Aquastar/Triton I like,
and they are very good att growing plants.

Do you have access to PUR data from other bulbs/manufacturers?

Only through Google or mail. All I need is the spectrum, lumens and wattage.

How does the spectrum output of the aquarelle saurama look to the human eye?

Samu Saurama is a Finnish aquarist that made a visual bulb comparison: http://saurama.aqua-web.org/

The cool thing about that is that he also sampled the spectrums, so
all the bulbs are measured in the exact same way. If he also had
measured the lumens-output and the bulbs were all the same age,
the PUR-efficiency-calculation would have been a very truthful
comparison of those bulbs.

If you have a photosynthesis action spectrum for a specific red plant,
or for one specific coral it is also easy to recalculate all the
efficiencies to get the best bulb for that plant/coral.

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