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Re: [APD] PUR-efficiencies for Philips QL

>>How useful is par values ?  

PAR is not as useful as PUR imo. PAR is just the total amount
of photons excited between 400-700nm. Green plants
reflect alot of the light in the green (~550 nm) range. They
can use some green light trough other pigments than chlorophyll,
and the photosynthesis action spectrum acount for that, which
PUR incorporates in it's measure.

>>Would a 30w bulb with a 0.60 value be
equivalent to 2 30w bulbs with 0.30 value ?

Yepp. You just spend more $$$ on electricity and waste
room abouve the aquarium where there could be plants
sticking up instead ;)

>>Could one use high PUR low lumen bulbs like the SERA Deep-sea to
produce a tank were the plants believe its a high light tank and the
fish believe its a low light tank ?

Yepp. Exactly as GroLux-bulbs. They look very dim to us humans, but
produce quite a lot of usable light for plants.

// Daniel.
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