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[APD] Echinodorus angustifolia not growing vertically

Hello all:
I picked up some E. angustifolia (Tropica) for a background plant in my office tank.
The plants are doing very well and are very healthy.  Every day, I have a 2 inch runner or two starting a new plant.
The original mother plants are not getting any taller than there original size.  The emersed growth has generally been replaced by new submersed growth, yet they are still only a couple of inches high.  I thought E. angustifolia got as tall as vals, in fact, the pics in Kasselman's book show nice tall specimens.
Looking forward to hearing if anyone else is growing E. angustifolia, as well as what kind of growth your getting.  In my case, I'll be transplanting it to be a foreground cover plant soon if I don't start seeing some growth towards the water line.
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