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[APD] RE: green spot algae GSA

More CO2 and higher PO4(1-2ppm) will help rid you of this pesky alga.
I associated it with a health tank in the past due to less CO2/less PO4,
but that was without plants...............

PMDD produced a lot of GSA, due to limiting PO4 and generally 10-15ppm of
CO2, as light intensities went up for common use by hobbyist, so did the
requirements for more CO2.

You can get away with less CO2 if you have less light, but good CO2 at low
light gives excellent robust results with the minmal algae of any CO2
enrichment method.

High light will show the trends better/faster/more responsive.........but
from a practical and management prespective, lower 2w/gal works super and
will grow any plant you are interested in.
Add more CO2, not more light.
Tom Barr

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