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[APD] Re: Java fern

>The Java Ferns are well established and are growing but the
>tips of each leaf grows in with a translucent look to it. Is this a
>fertilizer problem or C02 or ????.

As I understand it thats a good thing not a problem. Healthy fast growing Java
fern start of semi transparent and become opaque as new layers are layed on. The
leaf does not grow evenly in all parts. The tip is the fastest growing part and
appears to remain transparent, but what is the tip one day, is left behind and
becomes the middle of the leaf and opaque some days later. In slower growing
leaves the transparent tip is not so apparent. Nutrient problems in Java fern
usually exibit themselves in black/brown spots or patches and slow growth.
The leaf of ferns is called a sporophyl in ferns.


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