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[APD] German vs American metal halides? (was "help with finding inexpensive metal halides?")

Thanks everyone for your help with this! Your suggestions were very helpful. One problem, though: my fixture was shipped with "American-made" bulbs that have the glass bulb similar to those you would put in a house lamp (skinny base, round on top), but the sources many of you directed me to was the "German-made" style of a straight bulb (only as thick as the base). Does anyone know if the German and American made styles are interchangeable? I don't want to switch styles unless I can be certain that using the German bulb won't cause a fire - I'm not at home during the day, and the lights will be on in the tank! Is there anything about the ballast that would require use of a certain bulb type? Unfortunately the fixtures are no longer sold by the company I purchased them from (I was trying to post the link) but they are pendants made by Hamilton.

Here is a page that shows the two styles of bulb

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