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Re: [APD] Aragonite for KH Rising

I have heard that also (the calciferous substrate gets covered with bacteria
and becomes useless).  I can only relate my own experience on the matter.
My well water is KH2, GH 3 and pH of 6 , and I keep African cichlids.  I use
crushed coral mixed in the gravel bed to help ( I also add buffer at every
water change to increase hardness and increase pH).  I also keep some shells
in the African cichlid tank - over time the shells have dissolved and the
coral substrate has disintegrated into very small particles.  So, in my
water, it seems that the stuff keeps on dissolving.

For my planted tanks, I use Calcium carbonate and baking soda to increase
the Kh to about 4 or 5.

You can try it and see how it works, but it may just be more effective to
add a little calcium carbonate.

Terry Barber

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