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[APD] Algae blume due to CO2 DIY Yeast?


Normally my tank is crystal clear. I've recently gotten into the whole CO2 plant thing and decided to test out a 1litre DIY yeast and coke bottle method.

If I look long ways through my tank (1.4m) it appears a cloudy white colour with about 25% reduction in transparency and besides the adding some more plants from a friend and addition of a DIY YEAST generator running Bakers Yeast and 1 cup of sugar in 500ml of water, I haven't changed anything else in my set-up.

To combat this problem since its been two weeks since the bloom first appeared and also generally upgrade I've decided to grab a spare canister filter 1500 L/h and use that instead of my normal internal filter power head and sponge filter which has an filter mass of 1/5 of the canister filter.

My question is this:
Is this a common thing with DIY CO2 and Yeast?


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