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[APD] Re: CarboPlus usage

i ran the CarboPlus units on three tanks in Houston where the water had a  KH 
of 8 to 11 on any given day. The units were sold to me by Village Tropical in 
 Houston ( we did a tour there when the AGA conference was in Houston) and 
they  were using them in several of their planted display tanks. They tanks were 
 impressive. Costs at the time were a little higher but perhaps a little less 
 intimidating for a newbie.
i had excellent results. I did however do a 50% WC at least once a week on  
all the tanks and with the high KH of the tap water really never had a 
When i moved to the Boston area my results were not so good ( KH <1 out  ot 
the tap!) 
Yhe carbon bar that lasted 6 to 8 months in Houston now barely lasted 90  
days, sometimes less. 
Over the last 15 months i have changed over to conventional CO2 systems. I  
found a welding supply place that i swap an empty 5 lb. for a full one for $10  
bucks and that usually lasts 6-8 months. 
So Terry, if your water is hard and you decide to try the CarboPlus, email  
me offline and i will save you some bucks on a good used one with a new  
"sandwich" (clip and carbon bar)..
rich green
milton, mass
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