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Re: [APD] Lightint/Hoods

The boxes AHS sells work well. You can construct them
yourself if you have any knack for working with wood.

3/8" wood is suitable for larger hoods and 1/4" can work
for small boxes. Unless you have a table saw to ensure that
pieces are cut to precise lengths, use masking tape to hold
together piece that need to be the same length and cut them
together. Pre-drill holes for the nails with a bit
noticeably small in diameter than the nail. Use Titebond II
yellow wood glue or Titebond III -- available at any decent
hardware store.

for a finish, use an aerosal can of water-cleanup urethane
or acrylic. This dries quickly, is easy to apply, and you
can recoat within a few hours without needing to sand
between coats -- trust me on that.

I've built boxes and I've taken Perfecto-type hoods and
gutted them and retrofitted AHS kits. That's an even easier
job than building a box but more costly if you don't
already have the hood.

Some folks have gone to Home Depot and gotten a length of
Aluminum rain gutter cut to length, added the end caps and
used that as a hood -- very inexpensive and workable and
more attractive than a shop light (although that's a
subjective matter ;-)  ).

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.
--- Terry Barber <terbarb at alltel_net> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I am building 2 tanks this summer.   I am looking at AH
> supply for the light
> kits - but I need something to put it in.   Anybody have
> any cost effective
> ideas?   I am not keen on building a big wooden
> box/canopy so I am looking
> for other ideas.  Tanks are 55 and 75.  Thanks.
> Terry Barber
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